If Kefalonia isn’t quiet enough for you, this secluded beach can be found on the East coast of Kefalonia, starting from Anti Samos beach.

It’s normally only visited by people with boats, but we were lucky enough to visit on foot and have the place to ourselves.

Finding the beach

It’s quite a trek to reach the beach. You should allow about an hour each way and remember to take water and anything else you'll need as you're unlikely to see another person, let alone a taverna! The paths are loose and rocky and the vegetation spikey.  

Starting from Anti Samos beach head towards the far end away from the road and bars. A track runs parallel with the beach for a short distance before turning inland and climbing up the hillside. As you climb you'll be afforded wonderful views back over Anti Samos.

The single track path soon heads over the peninsula and follows the coastline south. The view opens up to the channel between Kefalona and Ithaca and the South of Ithaca. You'll soon get your first glimpse of the beech you're heading for.  Keep on the path until you've lost sight of the beech down to your left.

The path down to the beach starts as a dry river bed and is very easy to miss, don’t expect sign posts. But there is a red paint spot on the rocks where you need to turn left to head down hill into the trees.

Our very own hidden Kefalonia beach

Here it is on a map

If you're planning to go walking whilst visiting Kefalonia I'd recommend buying a topo map before you go, you can plan where you'd like to visit before you travel and it makes great reading on the plane too.

If you are not sure where you are going, you should seek the help of a local guide.
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