Yeah ok, it's a grabbing click bait headline, but I really wanted to share why I ditched Three mobile.

I signed up to Three in May on a 12 month sim only; Unlimited calls, data and texts deal. All for the bargain price of £20 per month. Sounds great? Slow down there tiger... All that glitters is NOT gold!

From day one my data connection was hit and miss. Whe it did work, I'd get a fantastic data connection, with download/upload speeds over 60Mbps/30Mbps.

By July I was geeting speed tests with download/upload speeds 0.55Mbps/0.46Mbps. There was absolutly no consitancy, location, time of day.

I spoke to Three many times, in fact I think I've had a full house at Three Bingo;

The people I dealt with at Three support were, rude and unprofessional;

Enough was enough, I wasn't bothered about having blistering download speeds, I just wanted a phone that works for calls and data reliably.

Which network did I got to when I ditched Three?

Would I recommend Three Mobile Network to anyone? NO!

If you are in any doubt if Three is the network for you, it isn't!
If you think 'this is the network for me', it isn't!
If you're thinking 'it cant't be that bad', it is!

Don't just listen to me, do your own research... e.g. Search for @Three_UK Shit on Twitter