Hi there, thanks for looking me up.

I’ll be adding more here as I go along and when I get time. Have a read and get in touch.

I Live in Wigan UK with Vicky and our son Samuel. I work for a web company during the day. I’m into trying to keep healthy by running and walking but time isn’t always on my side.

Why did I get interested in Amateur Radio?

Simply, I guess I’m a nerd, there you go, said it!! Radio Nerds exist. Growing up my older cousin Roger (G8UFX) was a radio amateur, I have distant memories of his house wrapped antenna feeder. So that stuck in my head. I work at a computer all day so any real interest in computing has been diluted and I wanted a hobby that would satisfy my inner nerd. I really though that an amateur radio licence was out of my reach but to be honest the foundation and intermediate didn’t really worry me once I scratched the surface. (the full exam is a different beast but that’s another story).

UK Callsigns and Licence Exams

I passed my Foundation Licence in June 2011 (M6CRC), Intermediate Licence in Oct 2011 (2E0SCU) and then my Full Licence in July 2012 M0SCU. Bolton Wireless Club got me through my Foundation and Intermediate and the “Advanced Exam Distance Learning Course” course run by Steve Hartley, G0FUW (and team) and my revision buddy Dave Aldred, M0XCT saw me acheive my full licence.

If you intend to study for the full licence I’d really recommend buddying up with another student. I believe that it really made the difference for me. I’m happy to say that after many hours of study and revision we both passed with the same mark of 89% (55/62).


Where was I seen last APRS ?
I only use this when I’m out /p so if you see a recent position, check the date/time I may still be on air.

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is an amateur radio-based system for real time tactical digital communications of information of immediate value in the local area. Read more about APRS at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia