Eksogi is located at the Northern end of the Greek Ionian Island of Ithaca. At 506m tall it’s not a massive climb and there is a concrete ‘road’ all the way to the summit.

Eksogi SV/IO-010 – 506m, 2 points Association: Greece Region: Ionian Islands Latitude: 38 27 19 N, Longitude: 20 37 58 E info at sotawatch.org

You do however share the road up with the many spiders that live between the trees and span the road with their webs. OK in the daytime but a little shock when it’s getting dark as you walk down and meet one face to face.

Walking up at 340m you pass Agia Marina Church in the village of Eksogi (Exogi), a quiet village where we only met a handful of people as we passed though.

Upon reaching the summit you are met with a church and collection of commercial antennae. I called CQ SOTA for a good while but couldn’t raise anyone, nor could I hear anyone at all on my Wouxun hand held. I was pretty disappointed not to be able to activate the summit, but the views more than made up for it.

The church just below the summit is well worth a visit, the views from the tower in the yard are stunning. I believe there are a number of paths that leave the summit and contour around the hill but light was fading so we had to return by the roadway, by the time we got down to our cottage we were in darkness (the head torch was a good addition to the camelback today).