For my first ever SOTA activation (09/Jun/2013) I decided to activate the nearby Winter Hill. I walk this area regularly so I could concentrate 100% on radio without any route finding distraction.

G/SP-010 Winter Hill – 456m, 1 point Association: England Region: Southern Pennines Latitude: 53 37 47 N, Longitude: 2 30 57 W Grid Reference: SD 659149, QTH Locator: IO83RP

I found myself a quiet spot just away from the trig point (and people) but within the activation zone and got comfy.

My antenna's bigger than yours!

I was working on 2m with my trusty Wouxun handheld. Yes it’s cheap, yes it hates pager transmitter but it was about £70 delivered and it works. (note: I turned of the voice assistant about 10 seconds after it was delivered)

I put out a CQ and quickly got my first ever chaser. Having sat at home as a chaser I enjoy speaking to and activator who has time for a little exchange before moving on. I really do understand that this isn’t always possible when the weather, time, light and non radio walking partners are present. On this occasion I had none of those problems, in fact I was very comfortable, on the soft moorland, sat out of the wind soaking up the sun. I really could have fallen asleep there.

I was lucky enough to get two summit 2 summit’s in the log too GW8ADD/P on GW/NW-010 Moel Siabod and G4RQJ/P on G/NP-015 Great Knoutberry Hill.

Chasers: G8TSE, G0SLR,GW8ADD/P (S2S GW/NW-010), M0OTE/M, M1EYP, 2E0RYP, G6LUZ, G4RQJ/P (S2S G/NP-015), G6ODU, 2E0XYL, G0HRT

Thanks again to the chasers without whom SOTA would be a lonely hobby.